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The exterior of the building is the first impression we make on visitors, and it’s the view that welcomes us when we return, an unappealing outside or one in poor repair can dampen our spirits. If your house has aluminum siding or you are thinking about aluminum siding installation, this article will help you consider the benefits, drawbacks and make an informed choice regarding aluminum siding installation and repair services.


Just it’s a great material that doesn’t rust, is easily installed, so it goes up quickly. It improves energy efficiency and protects your home from the elements.

Appropriately installed it looks excellent giving your home curb appeal. That said it does have drawbacks; aluminum siding installation is easy if you know what you are doing so it might be better to consider using aluminum siding contractors unless you are familiar with the material and process. It will need repair; although it doesn’t rust over time the aluminum will fade, it can scratch and dent. A keen DIYer may decide to tackle these, and we’ll look at the “How to” later but using aluminum siding installation and repair services are likely to be necessary at some point in your siding’s lifetime.

There are other types of siding you could consider, and the choice may be dictated by whether your property already had, or what homes in your neighborhood have. If you do already have siding installed, it might be possible to repair it or replace just sections using the same material. Ultimately these considerations, your budget, and maintenance preferences may be the deciding factor in your decision. 



Understanding the tasks can help you choose whether to use aluminum siding contractors to complete your siding installation but more importantly what questions you need to ask to find the right aluminum siding contractor.



Different tools needed for aluminium siding installation some of which are special for aluminum siding; this avoids damaging the material, they need to be clean and in working order.

Preparing the building thoroughly, will give a smoother aluminium siding installation, remove fixtures that may interfere with installation [e.g., downpipes, electrical service fittings, etc.], tie back trees and shrubs, cutting window sills flush with the aluminum siding installation is desirable but that is the owners choice.

Get rid of surface irregularities such as nails or loose shale depending on the material. For wooden exteriors dry rot should be checked for and treated, loose boards secured, and rotten wood replaced. Some surfaces require the installation of wooden strapping before the aluminum siding so always check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Finally, apply sealing caulk needed, again this will depend on the material beneath the siding. 



Aluminum siding contractors are familiar with the handling of the material so complete installation in a way to avoid unsightly errors caused by damaging during sawing incorrectly, rust forming where non-aluminum nails used or blemishes due nailing too tightly.



Aluminum siding product installation should be carried out in the correct order, usually trims, panels and finally caps but is dictated by the direction of the completed aluminum siding installation [vertical or horizontal aluminum panels].

For a novice, there is a great deal to consider and possibly tools to buy however for professional aluminum siding contractors this is all in a day’s work. You perhaps not consider tackling the aluminum siding installation yourself but now are prepared to find the right aluminum siding contractor for you.



When looking for any contractor, reputation speaks volumes and deciding on the right aluminum siding contractors is no exception. A reputation built on the quality of the product, the manner, and professionalism of personnel (all staff not just the ones carrying out installation) and warranties.

First, decide what you need from the product. It might be the aesthetic, energy efficiency or protection from the elements; cost will usually feature also. Aluminum siding installation companies will likely recommend a variety of aluminum sidings based on your needs and desires this will give you a shortlist to choose.

Ask your neighbors whose aluminum siding installation you admire who were their aluminum installation contractors or find them on independent websites. Look at things like whether they completed the work on time if their working procedures were safe if the aluminum siding installation experience was stressful as well as the quality of the finished job.

Established aluminum siding installation companies with good reputations will undoubtedly have a long line of satisfied customers and many examples of successful aluminum siding installations, but don’t dismiss newer competitors that may have benefits such as cost savings. Asking the right questions will reveal any potential problems but also give “newbies” a chance to reassure you that they are up for the job.

Finally, ask about their methods of preparation, what contingencies they have for when things don’t go, how they will deal with any peculiarities in aluminum siding installation and note how they relate to you as a customer. That could be the start of an ongoing relationship as they see you through aluminum siding installation and repair service in the years to come so take your time and make sure their service is of the highest quality.



Installation of aluminum siding is relatively simple compared to other siding materials which encourage some to save money and have a go themselves, what benefits are there is sticking with aluminum siding contractors?

Firstly, they have the certifications which mean that warranties and guarantees back their aluminum siding installation work, those considering self-installation should make sure that this won’t negate product guarantees. They have experience working with aluminum siding materials and accessories; they have the right skills, tools, and training to complete aluminum siding installation work.

These benefits need to be balanced with your needs some, particularly cost can be a harsh driving factor in decision making.



So, you have a new aluminum siding installation, your home is looking amazing, and you can’t wait to drive up and admire it after work, what could go wrong? Overtime unfortunately scratches, dents and fading can occur on aluminum siding, if not dealt with promptly your home may become unsightly. Can you sort this out yourself or do you need aluminum siding repair services?



The common problems are fading, scratches and dents, here’s some more information to help decide if you need aluminum siding repair services.



Easily resolved by painting latex paint directly on the boards or vinyl paint which is long-lasting as it doesn’t peel or fade. Consider the size of the job and your capabilities when deciding whether to contact aluminum siding repair services, although this is the most straightforward remedy.


Need to be repaired with exterior grade caulk in a matching color, a smooth application is essential for a good finish. Small holes in aluminum siding can be repaired similarly. Potentially this affects the look of the home and the area needing repair may determine whether you use aluminum siding repair services.


Dents in aluminum siding are a much bigger problem with different solutions. Depending on the extent of the aluminum siding damage, dents can be repaired by making a small hole to work in a screw to pull out the dent, fix the hole with caulk as above. For large dents the aluminum siding panels may need removing and replacing, achieving a good fit is essential for a water tightness as well as look. That best left to the professional aluminum siding repair services.

In any case, the sooner you intervene to resolve an issue the more accessible the solution is likely to be, and your aluminum siding will remain to look fabulous for years to come.



If your aluminum siding installation experience was a positive one you are likely to contact the same aluminum siding contractors to provide you with aluminum siding repair services. Should you need an alternative, take a similar approach to that used when deciding who to use for aluminum siding installation, make sure that they are trained and experienced in particular type aluminum siding repairs.



Aluminum siding can be a great addition to your home by improving its look and energy efficiency, along with offering protection from the weather. Installed correctly likely by certified aluminum siding contractors with the reputation it can last for years and be a valuable addition to your home. Aluminum siding needs less maintenance and repairs than wood siding and relatively easy to carry out, especially if you engage the aluminum siding installation and repair services.